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libvorbisenc release 1.1 - 20040709


declared in "vorbis/libvorbisenc.h";

This is the primary function within libvorbisenc for setting up managed bitrate modes.

Before this function is called, the vorbis_info struct should be initialized by using vorbis_info_init() from the libvorbis API. After encoding, vorbis_info_clear should be called.

The max_bitrate, nominal_bitrate, and min_bitrate settings are used to set constraints for the encoded file. This function uses these settings to select the appropriate encoding mode and set it up.

extern int vorbis_encode_init(vorbis_info *vi,
			      long channels,
			      long rate,
			      long max_bitrate,
			      long nominal_bitrate,
			      long min_bitrate);


File pointer to an initialized vorbis_info struct.
The number of channels to be encoded.
The sampling rate of the source audio.
Desired maximum bitrate (limit). -1 indicates unset.
Desired average, or central, bitrate. -1 indicates unset.
Desired minimum bitrate. -1 indicates unset.

Return Values

  • 0 for success
  • less than zero for failure:
    • OV_EFAULT - Internal logic fault; indicates a bug or heap/stack corruption.
    • OV_EINVAL - Invalid setup request, eg, out of range argument.
    • OV_EIMPL - Unimplemented mode; unable to comply with bitrate request.

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    libvorbisenc documentation

    libvorbisenc release 1.1 - 20040709