User Manual
Carrier Modules:
Carriers are the methods used to enciphered and deliver signals. Carrier specifications include spectrum, wavelength, frequency, and how the signal is enciphered and how the cipher acts on the brain. Carriers are named after the groups who developed them and/or use them.

MindGuard uses modular carrier files so you can always be sure to have the most current level of protection. Just drop new carriers into the carrier directory, or replace old versions with new ones. MindGuard will automatically recognize and install them. If you install new modules while MindGuard is running, make sure you click the Known Carriers button above the the Carrier List to re/install the modules.

The currently installed modules are displayed in a Carrier List in the upper-left side of the main window.

Carrier modules included with MindGuard:

The actual module files have names that follow the form *.carrier. These usually have a smaller name than the carrier they detect (ie. "UN Belgian Subset" is belgian.carrier) since all relevant information is stored inside the file (which is an IFF-PSYC file format.)