User Manual

The Science Of Numbers:

    Numerology is an ancient Science that dates back to the Sumarians and was practiced by Pythagoras, the father of Mathematics.

    It is based on the Universal Law that all things are made up of vibrations and that numbers can be used to describe and explore this Vibratory Reality. Numbers themselves have vibration rates. By finding the numbers associated with our lives, we can learn about the vibrations they are associated with, namely us. This is because the vibration of our lives resonate to create the numbers that are associated with us, so by examining our numbers we are actually looking at ourselves.

MindGuard's Eponymolog:

    An eponymolog is a special number derived from a person's name. These numbers are generally used to help judge an individual's personality and path in life. They have been used by people as varied as the Kabalarians and the IRS. MindGuard uses them to help personalize its psychotronic jamming to its users.

    Certain types of psychotronic signals are designed to resonate for specific individuals. By using an eponymolog, MindGuard can better filter out signals targeted at you by matching your eponymologically derived vibration with the vibration index of the incoming signal.

    MindGuard generates an eponymolog based on your full birthname. It is important to use the EXACT name that you were given by your parents, even if it isn't the one by which you are known. Enter your name in the PsIdent window in the Eponymolog section. Your eponymolog will be displayed in the space to the right.

    NOTE: If your birth certificate contains misspellings, you MUST enter your name with those misspellings intact.

    NOTE: If you were named in a language that uses a non-Latin character set (ie. Japanese, Russian, etc.) you should turn the eponymolog off, since MindGuard's eponymolog functions may not work properly. You may try spelling your name phonetically, but it is very likely that this will not work.

    Once you have your eponymolog, you may use it outside of MindGuard for many purposes. For instance, buy as many lottery tickets as you can using your eponymolog; you will be sure to win! Also, when choosing a mate, make sure his/her eponymolog resonates with yours (if your eponymolog is 36, you may choose a mate that is a 6 or 108; if you find a 3, do what ever it takes to get that person, even if they are married!) Further uses are beyond the scope of this guide, please consult your local library or the Web for more info.

Additional Numerological Features:

    Besides the eponymolog, MindGuard also uses numerological functions based on your birthdate. These are separate from the biorhythm sync, but use the date entered in its section. These functions work with MindGuard's core psychotronic jamming technology to increase its effectiveness.

    NOTE: MindGuard won't use birthdate based functions if Biorhymic Sync is turned off. This is in case you have a problem with inaccurate birthdate information. An inaccurate birthdate (ie. one that you aren't sure that you were really born on,) could degrade MindGuard's abilities for you if it were used. Biorhythms for more info.