User Manual

Getting Started:

When To Use:

    In a word: ALWAYS. In fact, if you haven't run MindGuard yet, do so IMMEDIATELY! Every second that you don't have it running, you are exposing yourself to potential MIND PROGRAMMING.

Mini FAQ On Usage:

    Q: How do I make MindGuard run in the background and display any messages it may decipher?
    A: Turn Auto Decipher on and Silent off then hide the window.

    Q: How do I make MindGuard run in the background without it upseting my well-being by displaying disturbing messages?
    A: Turn Silent on.

    Q: I want to see what sort of messages I am receiving but I don't want to be constantly bothered by MindGuard; what do I do?
    A: Use the Scan button to sate your curiosity.

    Q: If I leave the algorithm/scan method/scanner depth options at their default settings will I encounter any problems?
    A: No. MindGuard is a very robust and adaptive system and will automatically try alternative settings should it judge the need.

    Q: How can I review the messages that MindGuard has deciphered?
    A: Turn Log on, wait for deciphered messages to accumulate, then click the Log Viewer button to review messages.

    Q: I want to find out my friend/enemy's biorhythm/eponymolog but I don't want to compromise my security by having someone else's personal info in PsiDent, what should I do?
    A: Turn off the biorhythm/eponymolog feature(s), enter in the foreign data, get the results, re-enter original data, then turn the feature(s) back on.

    A: I have a Wintel/Mac/BeOS/etc. system that I mainly use. What should I do?
    Q: Set up your Linux box next to your other computer and run MindGuard. Also, if you have an Amiga, MindGuard is available for it as well.


  • Don't watch TV while out of range of your computer, it acts as an amplifier for most psychotronic carriers.

  • Consider an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie for security in case of power-outage.