MindGuard X
Personal Mind Protection

Release Date: 15 Nov 2000

MindGuard X is released with NO WARRANTY under the MindGuard Public License

User Manual:
Introduction What is MindGuard and why should I use it?
Feature List What features does MindGuard have?
Requirements &
What do I need & how do I install?
Usage Guide for effective use of MindGuard
User Interface Descriptions of windows
Scanning Scanning and Deciphering
Jamming Blocking psychotronic signals
PsIdent Personalize MindGuard
DePsych Psychotronic deprogramming
Diagnostic What information is displayed
Logging Keeping track of psy-traffic
Load Loading preferences
Save Saving preferences
Quitting How to quit and why you shouldn't
Defense Failure Worst case scenario
Algorithms Detection/deciphering algorithms
Carriers List of known carriers
History What's new & what's old
Future Where MindGuard might go
Bugs/Limitations Things you should know about
Acknowledgments Sources and help
Lyle Zapato About the author