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php_stream_read -- ストリームからバッファに指定バイト数読み込む


size_t php_stream_read ( php_stream * stream, char * buf, size_t count)

php_stream_read() reads up to count bytes of data from stream and copies them into the buffer buf.

php_stream_read() returns the number of bytes that were read successfully. There is no distinction between a failed read or an end-of-file condition - use php_stream_eof() to test for an EOF.

The internal position of the stream is advanced by the number of bytes that were read, so that subsequent reads will continue reading from that point.

If less than count bytes are available to be read, this call will block (or wait) until the required number are available, depending on the blocking status of the stream. By default, a stream is opened in blocking mode. When reading from regular files, the blocking mode will not usually make any difference: when the stream reaches the EOF php_stream_read() will return a value less than count, and 0 on subsequent reads.