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GUM v.1.0.0


The Gimp user manual may be reproduced and distributed, subject to the following conditions:

Copyright © 1997 1998 by Karin Kylander

Copyright © 1998 by Olof S Kylander

E-mail: (summer 98

The Gimp User Manual is an open document; you may reproduce it under the terms of the Graphic Documentation Project Copying Licence (aka GDPL) as published by Frozenriver.

This document is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the Graphic Documentation Project Copying License for more details.

Graphic Documentation Project Copying License

The following copyright license applies to all works by the Graphic Documentation Project. Please read the license carefully---it is similar to the GNU General Public License, but there are several conditions in it that differ from what you may be used to.

The Graphic Documentation Project manuals may be reproduced and distributed in whole, subject to the following conditions:

All Graphic Documentation Project manuals are copyrighted by their respective authors. THEY ARE NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

  • The copyright notice above and this permission notice must be preserved complete.
  • All work done under the Graphic Documentation Project Copying License must be available in source code for anyone who wants to obtain it. The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it. For a manual this means the the preferred format for the program that the author has used to create the work in.
  • Any translation or derivative work of Graphic Documentation Project manuals that is published in any form must be approved by the author before distribution. All alterations of the original manuscript like editing to prepare for printing, making modifications to images, adding or removing text etc. is considered derivative work.
  • Small portions may be reproduced as illustrations for reviews or quotes in other works without this permission notice if proper citation is given.
  • If you have permission to make a translation or derivative work of a manual, then the preferred source code of the work must be made public under the terms of the Graphic Documentation Project Copying License.

This license is based on the Linux Documentation Project Copying License

Printing guidelines

Whoever wishes to print this manual for commercial purposes it is free to do so, as long as it is made in accordance with the GDPL licence. However, if you would like to distribute a translation or derivative work based on a GDP manual, you must obtain permission from the author before doing so.

As the authors of this manual we naturally want such a publication to be a high quality product. We therefore encourage interested parties to contact us before printing. If you do publish the Gimp User Manual, we would appreciate if you would send us a copy, so we can review it at our website If you don't, we can't encourage anyone to buy it.

If someone wants to cooperate with Frozenriver to make a printed version, then this version will be given Official status as the certified GUM publication which is supported and approved by the authors. This will be mentioned at our website and also stated on the cover. The official version will also include a color calibration kit.

You may ask yourself why this issue is so important? The reason for our concern is that GUM is not an ordinary user manual for some shell utility, mail reader etc. but for an advanced image manipulation program. The manual contains more than 400 informative images which are necessary for grasping the context. There are for example certain chapters, where crucial images would be rendered meaningless in b/w or in a low resolution printing. These facts alone make it very important that a printed edition should raise, not lower the standard of the on-line version. Another reason is that we at Frozenriver wrote this manual to provide all Gimp users with free information, but also to show that our work stands for high quality, and we do not wish to be associated with a product that might damage that impression.

You may also bear in mind that we do not consider the PS, PDP, FM or HTML versions to be ready for commercial printing. The Gimp User Manual will need further editing and proofing before it's ready for commercial printing.

We hope that you can respect our wishes .

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