NetRexx User's Guide, version 2.02
Copyright (c) IBM Corporation, 2001. All rights reserved. ©
Draft of 22 May 2001
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Installing just the NetRexx runtime

If you only want to run NetRexx programs and do not wish to compile or interpret them, or if you would like to use the NetRexx string (Rexx) classes from other languages, you can install just the NetRexx runtime classes.

To do this, follow the appropriate instructions for installing the compiler, but use the NetRexxR.jar instead of NetRexxC.jar. The NetRexxR.jar file can be found in the NetRexx\runlib directory.

You do not need to use or copy the executables in the NetRexx\bin directory.

The NetRexx class files can then be referred to from Java or NetRexx programs by importing the package ‘netrexx.lang’. For example, a string might be of class ‘netrexx.lang.Rexx’.

For information on the netrexx.lang.Rexx class and other classes in the runtime, see the NetRexx Language and NetRexx Supplement documents.

Note: If you have already installed the NetRexx translator (NetRexxC.jar) then you do not need to install NetRexxR.jar; the latter contains only the NetRexx runtime classes, and these are already included in NetRexxC.jar.

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