NetRexx 2
NetRexx is a human-oriented programming language which makes writing and using Java classes quicker and easier than writing in Java.

What's NetRexx?
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Samples and examples

  • The NetRexx package and website include the NetRexx samples and examples – both applications and applets. The samples include a variety of programs, such as the Scribble example (an applet using the NetRexx adapter class feature for easy Java 1.1 event handling) and the Buttons example, which illustrates the use of minor classes.

  • Dion Gillard's FAC (Freely Available Code) pages has many useful NetRexx examples, including the examples from Java in a Nutshell, written in NetRexx. updated

... and also see the code available from the NetRexx links page.

Requests and suggestions?

Your comments, questions, and suggestions for NetRexx and these Web pages are welcome! Either use the NetRexx mailing list, or send mail to me (Mike Cowlishaw) directly, using mail to

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