NetRexx Overview, version 2.02
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22 May 2001
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Summary and Information Sources

The NetRexx language, as you will have seen, allows the writing of programs for the Java environment with a minimum of overhead and ‘boilerplate syntax’; using NetRexx for writing Java classes could increase your productivity by 30% or more.

Further, by simplifying the variety of numeric and string types of Java down to a single class that follows the rules of Rexx strings, programming is greatly simplified. Where necessary, however, full access to all Java types and classes is available.

Other examples are available, including both stand-alone applications and samples of applets for Java-enabled browsers (for example, an applet that plays an audio clip, and another that displays the time in English). You can find these from the NetRexx web pages, at 

Also at that location, you'll find the NetRexx language specification and other information, and downloadable packages containing the NetRexx software and documentation. The software should run on any platform that supports the Java Development Kit, version 1.1.2 or later.
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From The NetRexx Language by Mike Cowlishaw, (ISBN 0-13-806332-X, 197pp, Prentice-Hall, 1997).