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NetRexx is a human-oriented programming language which makes writing and using Java classes quicker and easier than writing in Java.

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Downloading and using the NetRexx packages

Version 2.02, for Java 1.1 and Java 2 [22 May 2001]
For detailed installation instructions, please see the NetRexx User's Guide.

The NetRexx packages are available in zip format. You can use one of the many zip utilities available to unpack the zip files, or you can use the Java jar command. The packages available are:

  1. NetRexx: the NetRexx development kit. This includes HTML documentation, and the NetRexx translator (the NetRexx compiler and interpreter).

    The translator should work on all platforms that can run the Java 1.1.2 (or later) toolkit and compiler. To use the interpreter features you will need Java 1.2 (Java 2).

  2. NetRexxD: Documentation in PDF form, for viewing and printing using Adobe's Acrobat Reader. This package includes the NetRexx User's Guide, the Language Overview, the Language Definition, and the Language Supplement.
    (These are also on the NetRexx website individually.)

The NetRexx documentation and software are distributed free of charge under the conditions of the IBM Employee-Written Software program. If you download or use a NetRexx package you agree to the terms in the IBM License Agreement for Employee-Written Software. Please read it before downloading.

NetRexx packageToolkit and compiler

  1. This includes the NetRexx 2.02 compiler and interpreter classes, samples, and online documentation (these pages, and the User's Guide and Language Overview).
    Download the package here [, 853kB, 22 May 2001].
  2. Unpack the file you downloaded (a new directory called NetRexx should be created by this). Note that the package contains subdirectories and files with "long names". All names may be case-sensitive.
  3. Once unpacked into a directory, you can view the NetRexx documentation locally by pointing your Web browser at the 'root' documentation file NetRexx\browse\netrexx.html.
  4. To use the NetRexx translator you'll need to install the NetRexxC.jar file from the lib directory. Please see the file for quick instructions, and the User's Guide for detailed instructions and problem solving hints.

NetRexxD packagePDF documentation

  1. This package includes the NetRexx 2.00 Overview [23 Aug 2000], the NetRexx 1.00 Definition [13 Apr 1997], the NetRexx 2.00 Supplement [23 Aug 2000], and the NetRexx 2.00 User's Guide [31 Aug 2000].
    Download the package here [, 771kB].
  2. Unpack the file you downloaded (a new directory called NetRexxD should be created by this). Detailed instructions on unpacking are available in the User's Guide; please read them if you are unsure of how to unpack the file, or if you have any problems.
  3. Once unpacked, you can view or print any of the .pdf files in the new NetRexxD directory using Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Requests and suggestions?

Your comments, questions, and suggestions for NetRexx and these Web pages are welcome! Either use the NetRexx mailing list, or send mail to me (Mike Cowlishaw) directly, using mail to

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