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NetRexx 2
NetRexx is a human-oriented programming language which makes writing and using Java classes quicker and easier than writing in Java.

What's NetRexx?
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Recent News

  • new NetRexx 2.02 is now available for download. This corrects  loop i=a to b until x  instructions which incorrectly optimized the control variable test in some circumstances, and also includes the fix in 2.01 (excessive memory usage when large numbers of files are imported and the -prompt option is used). No other changes are included. [22 May 2001]
  • new Sat Srivastava's Rexx and NetRexx site, including the NetRexxJe Plugin for jEdit has been updated. updated [30 Mar 2001]
  • new Problems installing NetRexx under Windows NT? Please check the FAQ page for some suggestions. [21 Feb 2001]
  • Jose Solorzano's TinyVM runs NetRexx programs in the Lego Mindstorms RCX microcontroller. [6 Sep 2000]
  • The first release of the NetRexx 2 compiler/interpreter, version 2.00, is available. The highlights of this release are:
    • The NetRexx interpreter, which allows programs and classes to be run without being compiled
    • The -prompt option, which allows sub-second compilation and interpretation of NetRexx programs
    • An expanded, reworked, and indexed User's Guide, available in both HTML and PDF formats
    • An updated Language Overview, available in both HTML and PDF formats
    • Revised packaging, including shell scripts for Linux, which makes installation and use easier.
    Please see the Changes list for details of the changes, and the new User's Guide for full information on using the -prompt option and the interpreter. [31 Aug 2000]
  • The latest version of the jedit editor includes Jerry McBride's NetRexx syntax highlighting. [6 Aug 2000]
  • The NetRexx Interpreter presentation from the Rexx Symposium. [26 May 2000]
  • Martin Lafaix's interactive Workspace for NetRexx [17 May 2000]
  • Rick Hightower's NetRexx article in the Java Developer's Journal. [16 May 2000]

Current release

NetRexx 2.02 is the NetRexx reference implementation for Java 1.1 and Java 1.2. This release will only run correctly on a Java 1.1.2 (or later) platform.

NetRexx 2.02 includes the NetRexx interpreter, and supports minor (inner) classes (see the Buttons sample), shortcut if and when, trace var, select case with switch generation, enhanced import, compressed class libraries ('jar files'), serialization of all Rexx objects, internationalization, adapter classes (see the Scribble sample), comment pass-through, binary methods, hexadecimal and binary number notation, enforcement of explicit declarations, and many other improvements over NetRexx 1.0.

For details, please see the changes list, and the NetRexx Supplement. The Supplement is also available on the web in PDF (Acrobat) format for viewing or printing; this is also included in the NetRexxD (documentation) package. updated

Requests and suggestions?

Your comments, questions, and suggestions for NetRexx and these Web pages are welcome! Either use the NetRexx mailing list, or send mail to me (Mike Cowlishaw) directly, using mail to

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