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12 Acknowledgments

VICE derives from X64, the first Commodore 64 emulator for the X Window System. Here is an informal list of the people who were mostly involved in the development of X64 and VICE:

The VICE core team:

  • Daniel Sladic ( started the work on hardware-level 1541 emulation and wrote the new monitor introduced with VICE 0.15.
  • Andreas Boose ( gave lots of information and bug reports about the VIC-II, the 6510 and the CIAs; moreover, he wrote several test-routines that were used to improve the emulation. He also added cartridge support and has been the main head behind the drive and datasette emulation since version 0.15. Also added several UI elements to the MSDOS and MS-Windows ports. He rewrote the C128 emulation adding Z80 mode, C64 mode and function ROM support.
  • Dag Lem ( implemented the reSID SID emulation engine.
  • Tibor Biczo ( improved the MS-Windows port.
  • Andreas Dehmel ( wrote the Acorn RISC OS port.
  • Thomas Bretz ( responsible for the OS/2 port.
  • Andreas Matthies ( improved the datasette support, the VIC20 video emulation and some ui stuff in the Win32 and MSDOS port. He also wrote the BeOS port.
  • Martin Pottendorfer ( Implemented Gnome Port based on Oliver Schaertels GTK+ port Added support code for internationalization based on gettext Translated the Unix Port to German Implemented the fliplists + ui (unix).
  • Markus Brenner ( added VDC emulation to x128 and added support for some more cartridges.
  • Spiro Trikaliotis ( wrote the Win32 console implementation for the built-in monitor and provided some further patches.

Former team members:

  • Ettore Perazzoli ( Copyright (C) 1996-1999 Made the 6510, VIC-II, VIC-I and CRTC emulations, part of the hardware-level 1541 emulation, speed optimizations, bug fixes, the event-driven cycle-exact engine, the Xt/Xaw/Xfwf-based GUI for X11, a general code reorganization, the new resource handling, most of the documentation. He also wrote the MS-DOS port and the initial MS-Windows port (well, somebody had to do it).
  • André Fachat ( Copyright (C) 1996-2001 Wrote the PET and CBM-II emulators, the CIA and VIA emulation, the IEEE488 interface, implemented the IEC serial bus in `xvic' and made tons of bug fixes.
  • Teemu Rantanen ( Copyright (C) 1993-1994, 1997-1999 Implemented the SID emulation and the trap-based disk drive and serial bus implementation; added support for multiple display depths under X11. Also wrote `c1541'
  • Jouko Valta ( Copyright (C) 1993-1996 Wrote `petcat' and `c1541', `T64' handling, user service and maintenance (most of the work in x64 0.3.x was made by him); retired from the project in July 96, after VICE 0.10.0.
  • Jarkko Sonninen ( Copyright (C) 1993-1994 He was the founder of the project, wrote the old version of the 6502 emulation and the XDebugger, and retired from the project after x64 0.2.1.

External contributors:

Last but not least, a very special thank to Andreas Arens, Lutz Sammer, Edgar Tornig, Christian Bauer, Wolfgang Lorenz, Miha Peternel and Per Håkan Sundell for writing cool emulators to compete with. :-)

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