NetRexx User's Guide, version 2.02
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Draft of 22 May 2001
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Appendix: Current restrictions

The NetRexx translator is now functionally complete, though work continues on usability and performance improvements. As of this version there are still a number of restrictions, listed below.

Please note that the presence of an item in this section is not a commitment to remove a restriction in some future update; NetRexx enhancements are dependent on on-going research, your feedback, and available resources. You should treat this list as a ‘wish-list’ (and please send in your wishes).

General restrictions

Compiler restrictions

The following restrictions are due to the use of a translator for compiling, and would probably only be lifted if a direct-to-bytecodes NetRexx compiler were built.

Interpreter restrictions

Interpreting Java-based programs is complex, and is constrained by various security issues and the architecture of the Java Virtual Machine. As a result, the following restrictions apply; these will not affect most uses of the interpreter.
[1] A goto bytecode instruction is being generated instead of a goto_w instruction.

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