NetRexx User's Guide, version 2.02
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Draft of 22 May 2001
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Using the prompt option

The prompt option may be be used for interactive invocation of the translator. This requests that the processor not be ended after a file (or set of files) has been processed. Instead, you will be prompted to enter a new request. This can either repeat the process (perhaps if you have altered the source in the meantime), specify a new set of files, or alter the processing options.

On the second and subsequent runs, the processor will re-use class information loaded on the first run. Also, the classes of the processor itself (and the javac compiler, if used) will not need to be verified and JIT-compiled again. These savings allow extremely fast processing, as much as fifty times faster than the first run for small programs.

When you specify -prompt on a NetRexxC command, the NetRexx program (or programs) will initially be processed as usual, according to the other flags specified. Once processing is complete, you will be prompted thus:

  Enter new files and additional options, '=' to repeat, 'exit' to end:

At this point, you may enter:
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