NetRexx Samples and Examples

NetRexx may be used for writing:

  • applications – programs that run 'stand-alone' on a computer, typically started by clicking on an icon or typing in a command
  • applets – programs that run in a World Wide Web browser or the Java toolkit's "applet viewer"
  • classes – classes for use by other programs.

On this page you'll find links to some sample applications and applets (which are, themselves, classes). All the applets except 'Scribble' will run under Java 1.0 or later; most of the applications need Java 1.1.2 or later.


  • Hello World – the simplest NetRexx program?
  • Query Time – displays the time, in words.
  • LineComment – converts comments in a text file, using Reader and Writer classes, exception handling, etc..
  • Spectrum – displays a frame window.
  • Buttons – displays a frame window, with two buttons which are implemented using dependent classes.
  • Pinger – a 'kitcher timer', showing the use of Frames, simple menus and Dialogs, multiple threads, off-screen Image drawing (graphics), mouse and event handling, and playing an audio clip from a file.


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